Day 1 (21st Feb 2020) Day 2 (22nd Feb 2020)
Time Schedule Time Schedule
7:30AM-8:30AM Breakfast
Venue-Hostel Mess, JNU Main Campus
7:30AM-8:30AM Breakfast (Hostel Mess, JNU Main Campus)
9.00AM-9.45AM Registration & Distribution of Conference Kit
(Engg. Block, JNU Main Campus)
8:30-09:00AM Registration & Distribution of Conference Kit
(Engg. Block, JNU Main Campus)
10.00AM-11:00AM Inaugural Session
Venue: Auditorium, 1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus
Chief-Guest: Dr. Manoj Kumar Patairiya
Scientist G & Scientific Advisor, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India
09.00AM-11.00AM Three Parallel Sessions (1st Floor, Engineering Block, JNU Main Campus)
Venue 1: Auditorium, Venue 2: Seminar Hall, Venue 3: FC1
11:00AM-11.15AM High Tea & Interaction
(1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus)
11:00-11:15AM Tea Break & Interaction
(1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus)
11:20AM-12:00PM Invited Talk 1
Vishal Jain
CEO, Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, India
Topic of talk: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
Venue: Auditorium, Engineering Block
Session Chair: Prof. Harvir Singh
11:15AM-12:00PM Invited Talk 5
Prof. Z. A. Jaffery
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, (Central Govt. University), New Delhi
Topic of the talk: Thermal Imaging for Condition Monitoring
Venue: Seminar Hall, Engineering Block,
Session Chair: Dr. Pallavi Goel
Invited Talk 2
Dr. V.K. Jain
Scientist, Amity University Noida Formerly: Director Grade Scientist, DRDO
Topic of talk: Plasmonic Nanoparticles and their Applications on Solar Energy Generation and Harvesting
Venue: Auditorium, Engineering Block
Session Chair: Dr. Abhishek Verma
Invited Talk 6
Kamlesh Kumar Samota
Scientist-B, Assistant Director, NIELIT National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Ajmer (Under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India)
Topic of Talk: New Emerging TechnologiesIoT & AI
Venue: Auditorium, Engineering Block
Session Chair: Prof. Prashant Johri
12:00 PM-01:15PM Three Parallel Sessions (1st Floor, Engineering Block, JNU Main Campus)
Venue 1: Auditorium, Venue 2: Seminar Hall, Venue 3: FC1
12:00AM-01:00PM Three Parallel Sessions (1st Floor, Engineering Block, JNU Main Campus)
Venue 1: Auditorium, Venue 2: Seminar Hall, Venue 3: FC1
01.15PM-2.15PM Lunch Break (Hostel Mess, JNU Main Campus) 01.00PM-2.00PM Lunch Break (Hostel Mess, JNU Main Campus)
02.15PM-3:00PM Invited Talk 3
Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
Department of Mechanical Engineering Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
Topic of talk: Manufacturing Standardization & Re-engineering Jaipur Foot
Venue: Auditorium, Engineering Block
Session Chair: Dr. Mayur Kr. Chhipa
02.00 PM-02.40PM Invited Talk 7
Dr. Mayur Kumar Chhipa,
Dept. of ECE, FICT ISBAT University, Kololo, Kampala, Uganda
Topic of talk: Photonics based Devices for Optical Communications and Sensing Applications
Venue: Seminar Hall
Session Chair: Prof. Sudhir Kr. Sharma
Invited Talk 4:
Dr. Rajeev Sharma,
Scientist-D, Technology Missions Division Depart of Science and Technology Govt. of India, New Delhi
Topic of talk: Technology Systems Development Programme of DST
Venue: Engineering Block Seminar Room
Session Chair: Prof. Shashank N. Kane
Invited Talk 8
Dr. Mukesh Jewariya,
Length, DImension and Nanometrology National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi CSIR-NPL, Govt. of India
Topic of talk: High Power Terahertz Pulse Generation and its Application: Spectroscopy & Imaging
Venue: Auditorium, Engineering Block
Session Chair: Prof. A.K Jain
03.00PM-04.30PM Three Parallel Sessions (1st Floor, Engineering Block, JNU Main Campus)
Venue 1: Auditorium, Venue 2: Seminar Hall, Venue 3: FC1
02.40PM-03.30PM Two Parallel Sessions (1st Floor, Engineering Block, JNU Main Campus)
Venue 1: Seminar Hall, Venue 2: FC1
04:30PM-5:00PM Tea Break & Interaction (1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus) 03:30PM-4:45PM Valedictory Ceremony
Venue: Engineering Block Auditorium, JNU Main Campus
Chief Guest: SatyaN Vijayvergiya
Director & Chief Technology Mentor, Genus, Jaipur
04:45PM-5:00PM Certificate Distribution
Auditorium, 1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus
Tea Break & Interaction
(1st Floor, Engg. Block JNU Main Campus)

Presentation Schedule

Day 1 (21 February 2020)
Venue 1: Auditorium   Venue 2: FC1   Venue 3: Seminar Hall
Paper Code Author Paper Title   Paper Code Author Paper Title   Paper Code Author Paper Title
ENGG051 Shruti Thapar Detection and Prevention Policies of Jellyfish Attack in MANET   ENGG075 Ranjeet Kumar Singh Thermal performance analysis of solar air heater having rectangular rib configuration using numerical modeling   MATPR-D-19-03308 Dr. Amardeep Singh Kang Wear performance of hydroxyapatite coatings deposited on AISI 304L using detonation gun spray
ENGG052 Ramakant Upadhyay Real Time Face Detection, Tracking and Formation Using Viola Jones Algorithm   ENGG076 Keval Jodhani Shoreline Change Observations in Gulf of Khambhat using Satellite Images   MATPR-D-19-03471 JNANENDRA UPADHYAY; Electrochemical Performance Evaluation of Polyaniline Nanofibers and Polypyrrole Nanotubes
ENGG053 Sheetal Shinkhede Self Sustainable Power Solution For Home Appliances   ENGG077 Sushmita Mohapatra Management of MSW in Delhi and Estimation of its Energy   MATPR-D-19-03567 Intikhab A Ansari Evaluation of Specific Heat for Pristine MgB2 Superconductor at Normal-State by Using Lower Incomplete Gamma Function
ENGG054 Raminder Singh To study surface characteristics of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic in Ultrasonic machining using Taguchi method   ENGG078 Dhrupa Patel Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Regulation in Loop Distribution Lines Using Sen Transformer   MATPR-D-19-03772 Gourav Goel EFFECT OF HYDRATED LIME AND ORGANOSILANE BASED ADHESION PROMOTERS ON PERFORMANCE OF BITUMINOUS CONCRETE MIXES
ENGG055 Sandeep Vyas Review: Nonlinear effects in Photonic Crystal Fiber for Bio-Sensing   ENGG079 Dr.Subiksha K.P Applying Analytics from the Edge to the Cloud in an Unified Scalable Healthcare Systems   MATPR-D-19-03784 Akash D. Patel Reduction in particle size of methylcobalamin using antisolvent crystallization
ENGG056 Dr.Jyoti Batra Arora IoT and Machine Learning- A Technological Combination for Smart Application   ENGG080 Akku.Madhusudhan Improved PAPR Reduction with low Complexity in OFDM and Filtered-OFDM (5G) Systems   MATPR-D-19-03785  Madhavendra Sharma Laboratory Investigation on the synthesis and mechanical characterization of fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete
ENGG057 Firoz Warsi Analytical Study of Melanoma Detection using clinical Images   ENGG081 Abhinay Nigama, Design Parameters of Testing Vessel for Deep Sea Experiments: A Review on Findings   MATPR-D-19-04079 Rajiv Borah Functionalized polyaniline:chitosan nanocomposites as a potential biomaterial
ENGG058 Ajay Suri Comprehensive Study of Various Techniques for Object Detection and Tracking in Video   ENGG082 M.Kusuma sri, Classification of ripening of banana fruit using Convolutional Neural Networks   MATPR-D-19-04237 BINA RANI To Synthesize & Characterize GO, rGO & SiNps of Various Sizes
ENGG059 Nilanjana Pradhan Predictive Alzheimer Disease Detection Model Using IOT Sensors:A Survey   ENGG083 Vivek Sen Saxena, The Use of AI in Decision Support System for Disease Diagnosis: A Study   MATPR-D-20-00033 Amit Kumar Thin Film Field Effect Transistors: Charge Transport Study in Zinc Quinolate Complexes
ENGG060 Sangeeta Soni Effects of Land Cover Land Use Changes (LCLUC) on earth resources & human life– A Literature Survey   ENGG084 Pallavi Goel A Comparative Study of Industry 4.0 with Education 4.0   MATPR-D-20-00034 Kumar Anupam Morphological and Anatomical Characterization of Bleached Soda, Soda-AQ and Kraft Pulps from Oil Isolated Citronella Grass
ENGG061 Shrikant Upadhyay Population Evaluation for Density using Speech Access Mechanism   ENGG085 Kumari Hemlataa, Simulation Performance Parameters of AODV and DSR Routing Protocol in MANET with Different Nodes Mobility   MATPR-D-20-00035 Neeraj Gupta Metal nanoparticles enhanced thermophysical properties of phase change material for thermal energy storage
ENGG062 Sovan Mohanty Embedded Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Ku-Band Applications   ENGG086 Mrs. B.Pavitra , Smart Patient Assistance and Health Monitoring System Using IOT   MATPR-D-20-00103 Hrishikesh dhasmana, Hydrothermally Synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Reflectance study onto Si Surface
ENGG063 Lalit Kumar Gupta Performance Analysis of OpenPuff Steganography Tool Using Various Image Formats   ENGG087 Taskeen Zaidi Analysis of Energy Consumption on IaaS Cloud Using Simulation Tool   MATPR-D-20-00125 Ashish Kumar Development and Characterization of ZnO Thin Film for Piezoelectric applications
ENGG064 Shivani Chourasia Review on Miniaturization Techniques of Microstrip Patch Antenna   ENGG088 Arushi Mangla Collaborative Functioning for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Communication using AURP (AUV-Assisted Underwater Routing Protocol)   MATPR-D-20-00128 Saikat Chattopadhyay Impact of Transition Metal ion Doping on Electron Spin Relaxation Time in CdSe/ZnSe Quantum Dots
ENGG065 PN DARDE DESIGN OF FOUNDATION FOOTINGS ON FLY ASH UNDER AXIAL LOADING   ENGG089 Mudit Khandelwala Exploration of Agriculture Automation Employing IoT Gateway and Wireless Network   MATPR-D-20-00163 Priyanka Tiwari Composition assisted tuning properties of CoCrxFe2-xO4 spinel nano ferrites
ENGG066 Alina Khan Comparative Analysis of Two Stacked Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antennas based on their structure of Ground Plane   ENGG090 Payal Gupta Uniformed Distributed Copyright Protection for Digital Image Watermarking using Encryption Process   MATPR-D-20-00164 Roshni Verma Ni Addition Induced Modification of Structural, Magnetic Properties and Bandgap of Ni-Zn Nano Ferrites
ENGG067 Shashwat Dwivedi Demand Side Management for the Production of Energy in the Reference of India   ENGG091 Sanjeev Kumar Nonlinear Behaviour Study in Multilevel Power Inverter   MATPR-D-20-00165 Tulshi Shiyani Basil sensitized ZnO photoelectrochemical cell for solar energy conversion
ENGG068 Jojo Krishna Joshi Multilayered methods for securing end to end data communications over cellular networks with respect to Internet of Things   ENGG092 Prutha Patela, Sapna Bablanib Impact assessment of urbanization and industrialization using Water Quality Index on Sabaramati River, Ahmedabad   MATPR-D-20-00266 Anshika Nagar,  Zinc Oxide Nano-flowers Synthesized by Sol-Gel Technique Suitable for Field Emission Displays (FEDs)
ENGG069 Vinny Sharmaa Offline handwriting recognition to determine the handwriting accents – A Pilot Study   ENGG093 Manish Zadoo, Design And Implementation Of Parallel Coupled Line Bandpass Filter For Improvement Of Return Loss Using Various EBG Structures   MATPR-D-20-00267 Abhishek Verma,
Fabrication of SiNWs/Graphene Nanocomposite for IR Sensing
ENGG070 Vivek Kumar Jain LOSS REDUCTION IN POWER SYSTEM USING EVOLUTIONARY ALGORITHM   ENGG094 Ujjal Chattaraj Capacity analysis with geometric aspects for railway foot over bridges   MATPR-D-20-00298 Divya rehani Optimized Fe-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles for Magneto-Opto Device Applications
ENGG071 Jaydeep Sagathia Impact Assessment of Urban Flood in Surat City using HEC-HMS and GIS   ENGG095 Arun Bainsla, A Dual Band Slotted Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Bluetooth and Commercial WLAN Applications   MATPR-D-20-00299  Ravishankar Sathyamurthy,  Experimental Investigation on pressure and heat release HCCI engine operated with chicken fat oil/diesel-gasoline blends
ENGG072 Ananth G Sa A Movie and Book Recommender System using Surprise Recommendation Kit   ENGG096 Prasad B. Karada Parametric Study of Crack Width in Reinforced Concrete Circular Water Tank under Direct Tension as per IS 3370-2009   MATPR-D-20-00347 Ravishankar
Investigation on the effect of mass flow rate on inclined PV panel basin solar still
ENGG073 Burgoji santhosh kumar,Prof.(Dr).Sudhir kumar Sharma Analysis of deblocking filter for efficienct video coding by various Multicore processor based on paralliazation
  ENGG097 Arko Bagchi A Comprehensive study on the Enhance Crop management using IOT & Data analytics For Agro Technological Transfer   MATPR-D-20-00391 JIGAR SUTHAR;  Tool wear and chip formation analysis of Aluminium Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
ENGG074 Anjali Kumawat Segmentation Based Image Enhancement Technique With Improved Dynamic Range   ENGG098 Sanghamitra Jena, Influence of GGBS on the properties of charge chrome based geopolymer concrete in ambient temperature   MATPR-D-20-00398  Abhinay Nigam Quality Enhancement of Producer by Cooling and Conditioning: A Review


Day 2 (22 February 2020)
Venue 1: Auditorium   Venue 2: FC1   Venue 3: Seminar Hall
Paper Code Author Paper Title   Paper Code Author Paper Title   Paper Code Author Paper Title
ENGG099 Dr. V Siva Brahmaiah  An intelluctual dual axis efficient solar tracking system by using IOT integrated controller   ENGG119 Hardik G. Jograna SEISMIC CONTROL OF LIQUID STORAGE TANKS USING SMART DAMPERS   MATPR-D-20-00420 Nitin P Singh Theory of thermal conductivity of cuprate superconductors
ENGG100 Gunjan Aggarwa SURFACE STABILITY STUDIES OF SMART SENSING NANOPOROUS MATERIAL –A CHARACTERIZATION TECHNIQUE    ENGG120 Nikhil Kishora P.S Agrawalb Different routes for the sideproducts produced during biodiesel synthesis   MATPR-D-20-00421 JIGAR SUTHAR; KAUSHIK PATEL Effect of percentage reinforcement on strength to weight ratio, percentage porosity, wears rate and wettability of Aluminium Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
ENGG101 Ekta Kumari,  Smart antenna array for multiband application   ENGG121 Mr. Pradeep Sharma Iot integrated system and efficient utilization of solar PV power energy   MATPR-D-20-00530 Mr. Divakar Sharma, M. Sc. Study of Surface Plasmon Resonance effect on P3HT: PCBM/Au nano film
ENGG102 Dr. S S P M Sharma Design and Development of Intelligent Waste Monitoring System For Generation of Electricity With Cloud Based Online Access Control System   ENGG122 Dr. R. M. Chaudharya Study on Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Error Correction through Two-phase Fluid Using Fuzzy logic   MATPR-D-20-00531 Dr. Jayanta Kumar Mahato Justification of Post-ratcheting Hardening Behavior of Annealed Copper through Hardening Coefficient and Hardening Factor
ENGG103 Sushama Tanwar Classification of Benign and Malignant Colorectal Cancer using Deep Learning   ENGG123 Prashant Johri, IMPROVING HEALTHCARE WITH HELP OF BLOCKCHAIN   MATPR-D-20-00532 Devaki Nandan Sharma Optimization of Dross Formation Rate in Plasma Arc Cutting Process by Response Surface Method
ENGG104 Himal Chitara Diabetes Diseases Diagnosed Support System Using Artificial Intelligence   ENGG124 Pervez Alam, Analysis and Evaluation of traffic noise in different zones of Delhi, India   MATPR-D-20-00533 AMAN JOSHI Optical and Electrochemical Performance of Hydrothermal Assisted BiPO4 Nanostructures for Supercapacitor Applications
ENGG105 Gunjan Bhartiya Attendance Automation Using Facial Recognition   ENGG125 Ashish Pratap Singh UNDERWATER ACOUSTIC COMMUNICATION USING OFDM TECHNIQUE IN SIMULINK ENVIRONMENT   MATPR-D-20-00563 ARUN Y. Y PATIL Analysis of Helmet with Coconut Shell as the Outer Layer
ENGG106 Rahul Pradhan Comparative Study Of Human Pose Estimation Models   ENGG126 Priyanka Agarwal Performance Analysis of Fiedler-SLM Mechanism in OFDM for PAPR Reduction   MATPR-D-20-00566 ARUN Y. Y PATIL CLEANER PRODUCTION OF EDIBLE STRAW AS REPLACEMENT FOR THERMO SET PLASTIC
ENGG107 Yasir Iqbal Mira An Insight of Thyroid Disease Prediction using Data Mining Techniques   ENGG127 Parli B. Haria Design and Analysis of Efficient Sensor MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks   MATPR-D-20-00637 Mr. Nirav K. Patel Propagating Fragility Curve for RC Buildings via Hazus Methodology
ENGG108 Manoj Kumar Optimization of machining parameters of aluminum alloy using Taguchi approach   ENGG128 N.Yuvaraj Improved Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Using Multicast Particle Swarm Optimization   MATPR-D-20-00638 Dr. Kirtikumar Patel Ni(II) and Zn(II) Schiff base Complexes : Synthesis, characterization and study of Thermodynamic Parameters and Activation energy
ENGG109 B.D. Deshpandea Nanoparticles aided AOP for Degradation of Nitro-Benzoic acid   ENGG129 Ajay Kumar Pagarea Improve Production Rate using Substitute Machine with Predictive Maintenance Plan   MATPR-D-20-00641 Dr. Rahul Singhal Metal-Fullerene Multilayer Thin Films for Plasmonic Properties
ENGG110 Dr.D.Narendar Singh IoT based Smart Garbage Monitoring System with Geo-Tag   ENGG130 Dr. Omprakash Netula Investigation of Rain water and Ground water Management in Chakrata Area(CA), Doon Valley    MATPR-D-20-00783 Dr. LOVEDEEP SAHOTA Thermo-physical characteristics of passive double slope solar still loaded with MWCNTs and Al2O3-water based nanofluid
ENGG111 Maitri davea An approach for Customized Neuroprosthetic Hand Operated by EEG Signal to Help and Support differently Abled People   ENGG131 KiranKumar Mandrumaka A Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier with Trans conductance Stabilization by Stacking Technique for Biomedical Applications   MATPR-D-20-00848 puneet kalia IOT Based Air quality and Particulate Matter Concentration Monitoring System
ENGG112 Inderjeet Singh Sehra, Four rectangular shaped DRA array for wireless and satellite communication   ENGG132 Neha Panwar Breast Cancer Classification with Different Machine Learning Classifier Techniques   MATPR-D-20-00880 Mr. AJAY KUMAR PAGARE Analyzing the effect of the parameters of Laser Etching process influencing the corrosion resistance and surface roughness of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
ENGG113 Chhatrpal Singh Deshwara Assessment and Scope of Decentralised Power Generation Using Renewable Energy Resources   ENGG133 P. Ramakrishna A Low Power Auto Adaption Unit for Reconfigurable Data Converter   MATPR-D-20-01071 Dr. Anil Arya Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Solid Polymer Nanocomposite Films: Effect of BaTiO3 Nanofiller
ENGG114 Amit Mayavanshi CORRELATE THE NCS AND NEEDLE EMG OF MOTOR NEURON DISEASES USING FIS SYSTEM   ENGG134 Prof.Onkar Nath Mehra , The outcome of mentoring on job satisfaction, job role stress, job attitude and staff turnover intentions in food and beverage department of hotel Radisson Blu, Greater Noida   MATPR-D-20-01086 Dr. Prakash Chand Investigation of the Structural and Electrical Behavior of LiFePO4 as Cathode Material for Energy Storage Applicatio
ENGG116 Rajat Gautama In situ shear wave velocity from multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) tests at 6 sites of Delhi Technological University   ENGG136 Monika Chauhan, A Brief Review on Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and its Applications   MATPR-D-20-00668 Dr. shashank Kane Study of Structural, Magnetic Properties and Bandgap Of Spinel Co1-xFe2+xO4 Ferrite
ENGG117 A. Sudhakar Compact Segmented Half Cut UWB Antenna for Dual Band Rejection using C Shaped Slit on Ground Plane   ENGG137 Nikhil Kishora Green Route Synthesis and Application of NPK Fertilizers from Urine   ENGG139 Anish Khan, Study the effects of WEDM parameters for polycrystalline silicon ingot using OFTA technique
ENGG118 Mayur Kumar Chhipaa Low Dimensional Channel Drop Filter for CWDM Optical Communication Networks   ENGG138 Sunita Kumawat LOCALIZATION ERROR ESTIMATION TECHNIQUE FOR A RANDOMLY DEPLOYED MOBILE SENSOR NODE        
        ENGG140 Ajay Kumar Jat Smart Crop Protection System Using Arduino Uno        
        ENGG141 Babulal Gurjar Zins Sulphide of Optical Property of Thin Films, Bulk & Nano        
        ENGG142 Deepak Kumar Smart Health Care        
        ENGG143 Devpal Singh Raghav Robot Rover Controlled with Android Device        
        ENGG144  Girdhari Lal Saini Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna        
        ENGG145 Murlidhar Vehicle Tracking System Using Arduino by GPS & GSM        
        ENGG146  Nisha Yadav Maze Solving ROBOT        
        ENGG147 Ravi Chauhan, Jagdish Chauhan LPG Gas leakage detector using Arduino and GSM Module        
        ENGG148 Ravindra Prajapat Woman Safety Device Using Arduino & GPS Tracking Alerts